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Welcome to our home on the web.

Pixel 2 Print Pvt Ltd, South India’s largest manufacturer of school exercise books and school stationery, welcomes you to its home on the web. Serving over 1000 educational institutions, corporates and hypermarkets, our products are well known for their renowned quality and value. We execute completely customised solutions with speed, flexibility and a level of service unequalled by any firm anywhere.


With a rich history of serving educational institutions and corporates for more than 50 years, we are a family run company which understands that building strong lasting relationships take time and commitment to quality, professionalism and schedules are to be honoured.


Please come in and understand the true quality and value of our products.

  • In Notebooks
    Executive Notebooks – Hard Case
  • In Notebooks
    Exercise Books – Wire Stitched
  • In Notebooks
    Spiral Notebooks – Metal Spiral
  • In Notebooks
    Office Books – Wire O Books
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